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Why has Chennai became a key warehousing hub ?(CCIL-IP)

Because of its strategic position and port accessibility, Chennai is a major commercial and industrial hub in India. According to the Chennai Corporation, it is the largest industrial center in South India, with 15,000 licensed companies and businesses.

Modern storage and investments in infrastructure may develop as a new sector in India as national and international freight traffic increases. Chennai is one of the country's fastest-growing metropolitan cities as a warehouse and logistics hub.

The surrounding areas of Chennai have become popular business destinations over time. E-commerce has also grown significantly in this region. Leading logistics firms have made significant investments in the city.

Because it is a significant consumer centre and a port city, Chennai is growing as a major storage and logistics hub, according to P. Sai Venkat Prasad, a Chennai-based developer of logistics parks. The port is responsible for both importing and reloading import ships that arrive from other ports.

The Chennai port is currently exporting goods. It is also important for truck operators to stay competitive, and Chennai works well for them since they have two-way traffic. All roadways are virtually completely connected. Along with leather production and big electronics, Chennai contributes to around 45% of India's vehicle component manufacturing industry.

All these added optimism around Chennai as a warehousing hub especially with the oragadam cluster.

With its industrial and logistics parks, CCI Logistics & Industrial Parks is building a footprint in Chennai. These parks provide Grade A areas with suites built-in. We have extensive expertise in managing highly complicated supply chains and manufacturing support operations for regional component manufacturers.

Excellent connectivity, road and rail infrastructure, and access to a skilled workforce are all available in the region. CCI Logistics & Industrial Parks offers state-of-the-art infrastructure and cutting-edge technologies. We offer dedicated and shared warehouses of various sizes in our infrastructure, keeping client requirements in mind.

It's a modern warehouse facility with all-weather concrete roads, solar lighting, storm water drains to prevent flooding, and fire hydrant systems customizable to the customer's needs. We strive to provide practical and cost-effective solutions that meet unique logistics needs.

A number of factors contribute to a location's suitability as a logistics or warehousing hub. Investments are being made near industrial hubs like Chennai for a variety of reasons, including the availability of qualified labor and the presence of suppliers and vendors in the area.

To know more about the Warehousing and Logistics Services provided by CCIL-IP, Contact Us.

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