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The evolution of the Warehousing Industry in Chennai

Chennai is the Detroit of India

Due to its proximity to large car manufacturing plants and heavy industrial production, Chennai is recognized as the "Detroit of India." In addition, textile manufacturing is still practiced in Chennai. If we talk about warehousing in India, They remain the principal drivers of the City's industrial and warehousing markets when combined.

Advantages of its geographical location and port facilities

Due to the city's position, which is directly on the sea, the expansion and development of the city as a commercial center have been crucial since British India. On India's east coast, on the Bay of Bengal, Chennai is a significant commercial city. Chennai has two major ports for fleet management: Chennai port and Ennore port, both of which have recently built terminals. This infrastructure management is essential for warehouse and industrial activities and end-to-end logistics services.

The logistics and warehousing business in Chennai has grown and scaled up in every area, from godowns to modern warehouses.

Effect of the globalization era on the economy of India

The post-globalization era is considered a game-changer for the economic measures in India. Warehousing activity in Chennai is focused on three clusters :

● Expanding the city's south-west and West sides.

● Expanding the city's northern belt.

● Expanding the city's south.

Location, advancement and significance of CCI Logistics

The CCI Logistics and Industrial Park- Polivakkam is located near the Thiruvallur district of Tamil Nadu. This cluster, which is known for manufacturing and shipping logistics, has recently caught the interest of e-commerce companies and significant logistics providers.

Previously, storage units like cold storage in India were missing from warehouse model design, as well as product theft and other issues. Damaged and lost cargo was prevalent due to a lack of technology and the usage of standard vehicles and lorries.

The warehouse management system is an improvement to this business with the advent of technology and the finest supply chain logistics management.

With a transformation in the warehouse logistics industry, we provide rental warehouses in Chennai with proper infrastructure management like parks, parking spaces, rest areas, and restrooms.

Identification, then land purchase—from connecting to land honors to establishing an MOU agreement for sale and registration, gaining approval and completion of construction—from obtaining approval from the concerned authority to completion and departure—are all part of our procedure.

We provide end-to-end supply chain solutions with trained manpower, adequate storage, and material handling. In its Industrial and Logistics Park, CCI Logistics and Industrial Park are ready to deliver services using smart technologies.

With the industrial revolution, Indian warehouse and logistics service companies must stay up with technology advancements. As a service provider, CCI Logistics and Industrial Park keep up with the rapidly increasing needs of industrialization in our supply chains analyst. We provide services in accordance with current storage trends.

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