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Developing Manufacturing sector to drive warehousing demand in Chennai evolution of industrial parks

Tamil Nadu: State of Growing infrastructure

Tamil Nadu holds the highest rank in the country for having the most factories and workers. For sure the credit goes to its booming industrial infrastructure.

The establishment of Tamil Nadu Industrial Corporation Ltd (TIDCO) and the State Industries Promotion Corporation of Tamil Nadu (SIPCOT) played a vital role in establishing industrial clusters and attracting local and foreign investors.

Exceptional economic development

The economic development in the capital city of Chennai is regarded as one of the finest in the country. Manufacturing, automobile, technology, financial services, shipping, and logistics industries are all represented in the city's economy.

The city has the infrastructure for these enterprises to interact efficiently with excess suppliers, vendors, and customers.

Future excepted growth of logistics in Chennai

Industrial and warehousing in Chennai is expected to rise by 66 % by 2021, thanks to growth in the manufacturing and e-commerce industries. CCI Logistics and Industrial Park is one of the industry clusters propelling Chennai's manufacturing expansion. The CCIL-IP is quickly becoming the preferred corridor for Grade A buildings with huge warehouses.

Planned industrial parks and integrated cities have emerged as centres of process transformation and innovation. A new breed of developer is developing in India as a result of this. Industrial parks that are planned are supposed to be nimble, versatile, secure, and robust.

Global development

Global developers entering India are also expected to engage in the creation of integrated industrial parks. Due to e-commerce growth and FDI in new-age industries, warehousing, 3PL logistics (third party logistics), and BTS (built-to-suit) businesses will continue to rise.

The availability of high-quality, well-developed, and well-planned industrial ecosystems will push investments into India in the coming year and beyond. In a global investment climate, India is gaining the wings to soar higher, and integrated industrial parks will be the fuel to achieve even greater success.

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