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Big Infrastructure Development Warehouse and Park in Chennai

Witness the progress of infrastructure management

Over the years, India has achieved great progress in terms of logistics services especially in infrastructure management while also addressing key regulatory and structural changes. Various projects have given warehouse logistics with enabling infrastructure.

Warehousing Companies

Chennai is found within the Logistics industrial parks of the city. Local and national governments in India created these parks. SIPCOT/SIDCO is in charge of constructing industrial parks in Tamil Nadu. Some additional points emerged as a result of the engagement of private industrial parks in India

These parks were developed by local and national governments in India. In Tamil Nadu, SIPCOT/SIDCO are responsible for developing industrial parks. With the involvement of private industrial parks in India, some additional points came forward.

One among the logistics parks in Chennai is Polivakkam Park of CCI Logistics. At strategic locations, the CCI Logistics & Industrial Parks Offer warehousing and industrial park facilities. In India, we are one of the leading developers and managers of industrial and logistics real estate. Polivakkam Industrial Park of CCI Logistics provides a well-equipped infrastructure within its established industrial Park.

We are expanding our facilities which will provide a platform for businesses looking to establish their presence in this field. The facilities covered under this park are :

  • Within the same Park, both warehousing and manufacturing is present. With land, buildings are also given on lease.

  • The customized internal infrastructure makes it better than that of others. The developers take care of providing the infrastructure like parks, parking spaces, rest areas, and restrooms.

  • We provide BTS properties- built to sheds, warehouses, and buildings in Chennai as per the requirement of our clients. For excellent services, the access to location and micro-market is also taken care of.

  • Value added services such as warehousing management system, cold storage, and multimodal transport facilities, all are in addition to the warehouse with building logistics, Park.

In our process, CCI logistics and industrial parks include:

The process of identifying and acquiring land begins with meeting with landowners and establishing an MOU agreement for sale and registration. Construction approval and completion—from obtaining approval from the appropriate authority through completion and departure.

CCI Logistics Ltd. offers end-to-end supply chain solutions, including trained manpower, suitable storage, and material handling systems, as well as transport logistics and distribution management

Warehouse in India and logistics parks facility services in Polivakkam Park are suitable for Pharma, Chemicals, Information Technology, Telecom, Retail, and Consumer Goods industries.

Due to changes in the taxation structure of sectors such as automobile, pharma, mining, and organized retail, and an increase in import-export trade activities, the emergence of logistics parks began.

For end-to-end logistics services, CCI LIP is available with optimum solutions. In the world of logistics management and distribution management, we present ourselves to you with our experiences and services. For more details Contact Us.

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